Developing both resilience
and coping & emotional
control skills

Our Programmes

Through using horses and ponies, individuals who might find conventional educational, work or social environments challenging, can develop both resilience and coping & emotional control skills. These transferable life skills that can be taken into broader social environments or into a work place are developed through participation in a Daimler Foundation programme.

We are always open to suggestions for new programmes or for more organisations to use the facilities we offer. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Programmes currently running at the Daimler Foundation are:


We run our own employability programmes as well as hosting employability programmes run by our partners. Our partners include the Scottish Racing Academy and Borders College.


Our schools work is wide-ranging. We work with all types of school and all ages of pupils including those with additional support needs. Schools’ programmes cover employability, general programmes and those for children with additional support needs.

Cared for Children

Cared for children can respond well to equine therapy. We have an established programme which works to build resilience in this challenged group through individual, tailored learning programmes.


The Foundation started from working with one challenged individual, Daimler. We have continued to work with those with a broad spectrum of challenges usually on a one-to-one.

Mental Health

Poor mental health makes life challenging. The healing power of horses has been shown to improve mental health: an underlying principle of the Foundation is to make this healing power widely available through our programmes.

Sports Programmes

We support individual sports people and sports teams to use sport to enhance and build their lives. Currently we are supporting disadvantaged young people across boxing, dressage and show-jumping.

Refugee & Asylum Seeker Programmes

We work with groups of refugees and asylum seekers using the healing power of horses to help their mental and physical wellbeing.

Criminal Justice

Here we work with those who have made poor life choices in the past.

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

On request from specialist agencies, we will provide bespoke support for drug & alcohol rehabilitation for individuals seeking stability in their lives.