Our Projects are

Our Projects

Our Projects are ambitious: we want to be the best and for that, we need all the right facilities.

Our current projects, which you can support, are:

Daimler’s Forest

Many people are excluded from the benefits of being outdoors and being in amongst trees. We have a lovely forest and we want to improve access to make it fully accessible. Putting in appropriate paths, accessible eco-toilets and enhancing the forest experience through offering all-terrain access is a cherished goal.

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Respite Facilities

While we are developing the Daimler’s Forest, we’re also planning to develop residential lodges which will be offered to individuals and families in need of a break.

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Training Gallops

Our partnership with the Scottish Racing Academy and Borders College sees young people from disadvantage backgrounds trained for a career in the racing industry. Participants aren’t just trained to ride or look after racehorses: they’re also trained on other aspects of racing including logistics, managing a racecourse, grounds management and hospitality.

To make training as realistic as possible, we need replicate conditions on a race-course and that’s why we need to develop a set of gallops – gallops are ground which has been prepared and fenced to look a racecourse. Not only do students learn to ride, they also learn how to prepare and manage the ground giving them very transferrable skills.

We’ve started to developing the gallops: we still need support to finish them off.

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E-Learning Suite

To facilitate all our training programmes, we’ve developed an E-Learning Suite. Many of those we work with are digitally disadvantage and, through the suite we teach them basic digital skills and then build on their learning through our other programmes. The suite is also available for hire with preferential rates for community group
and charities.

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Covered Arena

Our current equine therapy delivery space is an arena which is fully open to the elements and unlit: on a sunny, warm summer’s day, it works for service users. At other times, particularly in winter, when the unpredictable Scottish weather does its worst and we have reduced daylight hours, it does not work for service users – at all.

Poor weather or poor light means we need to reduce or cancel services – often at short notice. And reducing services impacts on the wellbeing of our service users. Feedback from our service users show they value the regularity of interaction with the horses and ponies. Feedback from their carers and support workers tells of service users’ disappointments when sessions have to be cancelled due to the weather.

Our service users have a range of vulnerabilities, including disabilities, and keeping them warm, dry and safe is of primary importance to us and to their carers and support workers.

To continue to current delivery without interruptions from the weather or poor light, and to further expand our Equine Therapy services to those on our waiting lists, we need an indoor arena.

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